April 14-15, 2018
Daskalakis Athletic Center
Drexel University, Philadelphia, PA

About Philly Codefest

Presented this year by the College of Computing & Informatics (CCI) and CCI Corporate Partner BrickSimple, Philly Codefest is a free software and hardware hackathon that encourages students and professionals from all experience levels and backgrounds to work together to develop innovative solutions to help solve real world challenges.

Philly Codefest is a free software and hardware hackathon that is open to anyone. No coding experience is necessary – just bring your creativity!

The theme for Philly Codefest 2018, computing for social good, encourages participants to develop novel applications and tools to impact a variety of challenges affecting the Greater Philadelphia area and beyond.

Attendees will form teams to work on projects, and then will present their final creations to a panel of judges – comprised of Drexel faculty, sponsors and respected members of the Philadelphia tech community – for a chance to win awesome prizes.

Codefest’s mission, to make the world a better place through technology, echoes CCI’s commitment to forge and foster lasting relationships among students, professionals, tech leaders, start-ups and corporations. The annual hackathon leverages the already strong tech community in the Greater Philadelphia area to create one of the largest and most dynamic hackathons in the region.

Since launching in 2013, Codefest has welcomed hundreds of software and hardware hackers – made up of professionals, educators, and students alike – to Drexel University’s University City campus in Philadelphia each year.

One of CCI’s signature annual events, Codefest continues to grow, attracting new participants and partners. “Codefest is a great opportunity to not only showcase the talent and creativity of our exceptional and innovative CCI students, but also to bring together students and professionals with a wide range of backgrounds and experiences who are all interested in technology and driven to make our world a better place,” says Dean and Isaac L. Auerbach Professor Yi Deng, PhD.

In 2017, Codefest welcomed more than 400 attendees. With a new space, Drexel’s expansive Dakalakis Athletic Center, CCI aims to make this year’s hackathon the largest ever. Codefest 2018 will kick off with a keynote speech from Drexel alumnus Det Ansinn, President and Founder of BrickSimple.

2018 Keynote Speaker

Det Ansinn

As a serial entrepreneur, Det Ansinn has been developing software solutions for over 35 years. Mr. Ansinn is the President and Founder of BrickSimple, LLC, a software development studio specializing in cutting edge mobile/VR/AR applications, which he founded in 2002. Additionally, since 2015, Mr. Ansinn has served as Chief Technology Officer and a Board Member at Adherent Health, a technology platform including biosensors and wearable and mobile technologies. He is also a Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer at WorkSage, a digital platform provider that introduces job candidates through a network of qualified referral sources and engaged stakeholders.

In addition to his entrepreneurship, Mr. Ansinn has served the Council President of the Borough of Doylestown. He was first elected to Doylestown Borough Council in 2005 becoming its first ever Democratic Council President in 2007. With leadership on local government issues ranging from green sustainable construction to LGBT protections and has served as President of the Bucks County Borough’s Association. Beyond the Borough, Mr. Ansinn serves as a member of the Bucks County Open Space Review Board and is past President of the Bucks County Free Library system. In 2012, he was a convention delegate for Pennsylvania’s 8th congressional district and was a participant in the White House Business Council. He is a trainer and facilitator for the national Life Entrepreneurship program of the New Leaders Council. Locally, he is also an active member with the Central Bucks Chamber of Commerce and a regular conference speaker on technology, business, and social issues.

Mr. Ansinn received a BS in Electrical Engineering in 1995 from Drexel University.

Important Information

Code of Conduct

All participants must respect the Philly Codefest Code of Conduct

Drexel University and PhillyCodefest Policies

Codefest Attendees MUST wear their braclet at all times.

No alcohol permitted on Codefest premises (Behrakis Grand Hall, Creese Student Center).

No smoking permitted in the Behrakis Grand Hall, Creese Student Center. Smoking is permitted on Chestnut Street (away from the building entrance).

Per Drexel University policy, the possession and/or use of narcotics or drugs other than those medically prescribed, properly used, properly secured, and in the original container (hereafter: drugs), is prohibited while on Drexel University property.

Anyone found in violation of these policies will be disqualified from Philly Codefest.

In the event of a Medical Emergency: Please notify a staff member IMMEDIATELY


Users must behave responsibly with respect to the Drexel Network at all times.

Users must behave responsibly with respect to the Drexel Network at all times.

Users must respect the integrity and the security of the Drexel Network.

Users must behave in a manner consistent with Drexel’s mission and comply with all applicable laws, regulations, and Drexel policies.

Users must be considerate of the needs of other Users by making every reasonable effort not to impede the ability of others to usethe Drexel Network and show restraint in the consumption of shared resources.

Users must respect the rights and property of others, including privacy, confidentiality and intellectual property.

Activities specifically prohibited are enumerated completely at http://www.drexel.edu/it/about/policies/

Drexel Escort Service

All Codefest attendees are urged to utilize Drexel’s escort service through the Department of Public Safety, especially if you are walking around campus late at night. The service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Please contact a staff member to schedule this service.

Food And Drink

All Codefest meals are provided free of charge. Coffee and refreshments will be available at all times during the Codefest. Please refer to the agenda for meal times. Please notify a staff member ASAP of any food allergies.


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The College of Computing & Informatics (CCI) is the focal point for Drexel's computing and information research and education. The College has considerable depth and breadth to address the opportunities and challenges of the information age. The College serves as a central hub for multi-disciplinary computing activities, which applications and utility span across a wide range of academic domains. The faculty and students extend Drexel's long-standing strengths in computing and informatics disciplines, delivering recognition as a world-class academic unit for both research and educational programs. CCI combines the strengths and assets of research, undergraduate, graduate, and professional computing and informatics programs, with special commitment to helping grow Drexel’s “Innovation Neighborhood” as a launching pad for innovative technology entrepreneurs.

Since 2003, BrickSimple has been a software engineering company dedicated to delivering enterprise-level software solutions for Fortune 500 healthcare, industrial, and manufacturing companies. Solutions range from large-scale health enterprise management systems to front-end web-based and mobile IoT. BrickSimple’s creative and technically skilled staff develop solutions that use tested current mobile computing and the best of powerful emerging technologies. We are committed to developing innovative experiences for our clients. We thrive on challenging technology problems and devising solutions that are robust, thoughtful and scalable. Learn more at bricksimple.com

Sponsor Philly Codefest

Codefest welcomes industry sponsors and partners. In addition to exciting industry- focused workshops, sponsors receive significant branding and recognition leading up to, during, and following the event. Current sponsorship opportunities are available online and we are happy to work with sponsors to create packages that are most effective in meeting your company’s needs. Join the Codefest team today!

To learn more about Philly Codefest sponsorships, please contact:
Dave Raiken, Program Coordinator

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